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About Osteopathic Entertainment -- Heartbreak Hotel

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  An Osteopathic Journey... Part III

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Heartbreak Hotel
Do I really need to tell you which song goes here?

After a few months of playing with sound systems and working as a second DJ with more experienced jocks, DJ "Dr." Rudy was out on his own making music. However, the light at the end of the tunnel was about to flicker a bit because of two things: the upcoming national boards, part one, and an infamous event on Easter Sunday.

Second semester of the second year in medical school is always a trying time for medical students. The boards are quickly approaching, exams are starting to hit harder and harder, and our Osteopathic Disc Jockey was surviving with few battle scars. However, we now come to an event that changed the course of Osteopathic Entertainment. Our DJ was still working for the bigger company here and there, doing last minute events or filling in during emergencies. It is Friday, two days before Easter.

Another DJ had an emergency where his daughter was rushed to the hospital and admitted. They had found a second DJ to cover a portion of an event on Easter but they could not find someone to finish the event. Enter our DJ who bends over backwards for a client. The event starts right on time, the music is ready, and guests are arriving. The guests are not the usual crowd, and for what is supposed to be a "church function" they were particularly rude. However, the evening had only begun. After rushing through Easter dinner with his family, DJ "Dr." Rudy takes control of the mixer and gets people dancing to some Sonique.

Disaster strikes. The children at the event seem to be fascinated with our DJ's promotional CDs with the nice bright colors and chart-topping music. A song ends, we mix into a new song, and some of the discs had disappeared as a child is seen running across the dance floor. By the time our DJ retrieves his discs, another one is missing. Since the client, no matter how rude, had gotten two different disc jockeys rather than the one he had expected, DJ "Dr." Rudy finishes the event without some of his music, packs up, and goes home. With the loss of some of his music, our DJ finishes a very important holiday at a loss and without being able to spend much time with his family.

It is this incident that moves Osteopathic Entertainment's sales initiatives into high gear. No more working for other people. No more taking the events that other people don't want to do. It is time for us to get out there and shine! It's time to find clients who are comfortable with what Osteopathic Entertainment stands for, clients who want premium service at a reasonable price, clients who want great music at the right volume level instead of excuses to complain! So now the search begins for these perfect clients, these people whom if I had met them on the street would rapidly become good friends... But how do I find these people and still finish my education as an Osteopathic Physician?

The Next Chapter: Where We Are Now
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