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About Osteopathic Entertainment -- Where Are We Now?

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  An Osteopathic Journey... Part IV

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Where We Are Now
"Around the World" by ATC starts playing

DJ "Dr." Rudy signs his first contract as Osteopathic Entertainment for a house party in Ocean City, New Jersey. It is "Night in Venice" where the entire town is one big party for around 16 hours. The theme for this party is "When in Rome" and our Osteopathic Disc Jockey, not wanting to be underdressed for such an important event, arrives in a formal black toga with a bow tie and black sandals. Music continues for over 10 hours and it doesn't seem that the guests ever stopped dancing throughout the evening.

I cannot think of a better way to start Osteopathic Entertainment than winning an award for the second best party in Ocean City's "Night in Venice" -- other than if we had won first prize. Later, we welcomed a new class of Student Doctors to the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey - School of Osteopathic Medicine. We have helped couples celebrate anniversaries including a wonderful 50th wedding anniversary in Morris County. In terms of business, things look very bright indeed, now that we have started to form a network with other companies around the state.

I realize that this is not the average "About Us" page for a disc jockey website, but this not the average disc jockey company. Osteopathic Entertainment, if you have not figured this out already, is one of my passions in life. Medicine and music, music and medicine, these are the two core passions that continue to be a driving force in my life. I will never quit medicine to be a disc jockey full-time, I love healing people too much. However, Osteopathic Entertainment is my stress relief valve. It is my excuse to go out and have a good time playing great music for wonderful people. And it never hurts to get paid to do something you love.

Using data from a poll conducted by www.FindYourDJ.com, Osteopathic Entertainment ranks in the top quartile for the amount of music and equipment we bring to our events. However, over three quarters of DJs who responded to this poll charge over $100 per hour with 10% charging over $200 per hour. Although I cannot attest to the statistical accuracy of this poll, I cannot help but wonder if Osteopathic Entertainment is as much of a value as the numbers are telling us. With the number of clients who have rehired us as soon as we shut down the CD players after an event, I guess we are doing something right.

DJ "Dr." Rudy was a nominee for the 2001 Student D.O. of the Year award as well as being a Phi Beta Kappa graduate from Muhlenberg College with a bachelors degree, summa cum laude, in biochemistry. Shouldn't your DJ be an Osteopathic DJ?
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