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This page is designed to allow you, Osteopathic Entertainment's clients, to manage some of the details of your event. Our Event Manager web-based software is one of our home-grown projects that allow you to view, and in the future to change, certain details regarding your event. We will be adding features to this area as quickly as possible. In order to use this area we do require that JavaScript and cookies are enabled.

Current Features:
View the status of your event (check to see whether or not we have received the signed contracts and other necessary paperwork)
View the time table for your event
View songs recommended for your event by DJ "Dr." Rudy
View songs requested by your guests through our website
Send an e-mail to us from your Event Manager page

Upcoming Features:
Change the times of activities within your event (start and end times will still have to be changed in writing)
Accept or reject music suggestions from DJ "Dr." Rudy and your guests
Search through selected songs in our music library and add them to your event
View, accept/ reject, and order photographic prints of photos that were taken at your event (if you used Osteopathic Entertainment's digital photography value-added service)

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To see a sample Event Manager screen, use Event Code oe0101 and Password 1234.

Osteopathic Entertainment may collect and use personally identifyable information with our Event Manager software. Please review our Privacy Policy before continuing.
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