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Osteopathic Entertainment's Privacy Policy

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Our Privacy Policy

  Our Online Privacy Policy

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  Privacy Protection by SiteGuardian Osteopathic Entertainment believes that your online privacy is of the utmost importance. Because we gather various types of information on users of our site and services, we feel that it is important to inform you of how your personal information is gathered and used.

What Information Do We Gather?

Osteopathic Entertainment operates a number of interactive areas of the website. Osteopathic Entertainment gathers information of multiple types throughout these areas. First, Osteopathic Entertainment gathers information on your browser's type and version. This is used to make sure that we write our website to offer the greatest functionality to a majority of our users. Next, Osteopathic Entertainment gathers information that you submit to us, through our Online Song Request page or our Event Manager web-based software.

   Online Song Request Page
Osteopathic Entertainment, in compliance with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998, does not accept online song requests from children under age 13 because we require that personally identifiable information be collected with these online song requests. In the event that we discover a song request submitted by someone under age 13, we will immediately delete that song request from our database.

Osteopathic Entertainment requires that you submit to us your name and e-mail address when you request a song online. This information is necessary to ensure that you are actually a guest at the event for which you request a song. You have the option of providing us with more information if this song request is to be dedicated to someone or for a special time at the event. Osteopathic Entertainment also tracks the IP address for people submitting a request. This is to ensure that one person does not request an excess number of songs.

Osteopathic Entertainment will periodically review all information submitted through our Online Song Request Page. This includes your name, e-mail address, event code, requested song, dedication, and IP address.

Osteopathic Entertainment uses your name and e-mail address to contact you if we have any further questions about your request. Your name and e-mail address will be deleted from our online database as soon as the event for which you request a song is marked as "completed" (the next time we update our database after the event is over). We do maintain certain information, including the song requested, for use in enhancing our services, including updating our online music charts. Nothing that is personally identifiable will be included when we use your information for these purposes.

Osteopathic Entertainment releases certain information submitted through the Online Song Request Page to third parties. Osteopathic Entertainment releases information including your name, e-mail address, and requested song to the host for the event. We do not sell your name or e-mail address to anyone for any purpose.

   Event Manager
Osteopathic Entertainment gathers and collects information about you, the venue for your event, the event schedule, and your music programming for the event. Your contact information, event information, venue information, event schedule, music programming, and other pieces of information are displayed to you when you log into Event Manager with your ID and password. The information gathered through Event Manager is used to improve our performance at your event. The information is released to third parties under two circumstances: if you have hired Osteopathic Entertainment through another entertainment company, and if a guest from your event requests a song. In the case where you have hired Osteopathic Entertainment through another entertainment company, Osteopathic Entertainment will release your contact information, the venue information, and general event information (including event name, date, start time, and end time) to that other company. In the case where one of your guests requests a song for your event, we will release only the event name and date to that guest (for example, "Thank you for requesting that "December 1963" be played at "Bob's Backyard Party" on 6/9/2001."). We do not sell your contact information for any purpose.

Osteopathic Entertainment tracks IP addresses when users log into Event Manager. This is solely used as a security measure and is not released to third parties unless it is necessary to do so for the purpose of law enforcement. Osteopathic Entertainment may use this information to prevent unauthorized access to your event information. This may include disabling your Event Manager password if there are too many incorrect attempted logins in a certain period of time.

   Feedback Forms and Surveys
Osteopathic Entertainment collects information from our clients after an event in order to improve our performance. We may collect this information online or through the mail. Osteopathic Entertainment may collect information from our website visitors in the form of surveys. In this case we may store a "cookie" on your computer in order to prevent you from completing the survey more than once. This "cookie" does not contain any personally identifiable information.

This information is only released to third parties as aggregate information with all personally identifiable information taken out.

   Website Usage Tracking
Osteopathic Entertainment tracks the patterns of usage of our website. Osteopathic Entertainment may track and store information requested through our search boxes including our "Search Our Music Library" box. None of this information is personally identifiable.

Osteopathic Entertainment prefers chocolate chip or coconut oatmeal cookies.

Osteopathic Entertainment may store a text file called a "cookie" on your computer. We cannot read cookies given to you by other websites and we cannot read your computer's hard drive. We may put information in this cookie to allow us to track which pages on our site you are accessing, or to prevent you from answering an online survey more than once (as described above).

You do not need to enable cookies to use the majority of our website. However, in order to enter certain areas you must enable cookies. If you have disabled cookies you will be instructed to enable them if you wish to enter those areas of the site.

How Do We Use the Information We Gather?

As stated above, Osteopathic Entertainment uses information we gather: to track the use of various portions of our website, to verify that the person requesting access to a confidential portion of the website has the authority to access said webpages, to inform event hosts of the music requests for their event, and to inform other entertainment companies for whom we act as independent contractors of the general information about events for which we are their independent contractor.

We may create aggregate reports for information submitted to our site (for example, most requested songs). We may post this information to our website or give it to third parties once all personally identifiable information has been taken out of these reports.

With Whom Do We Share the Information?

Osteopathic Entertainment, as stated above, shares the information we gather with: event hosts, other entertainment companies for whom we act as independent contractors, and law enforcement authorities in the case of unauthorized access to confidential information on our website.

Anti-Spam Policy/ Opting Out

Osteopathic Entertainment does not support or tolerate unsolicited bulk commercial e-mail (also known as spam). If our company or another company directly involved in providing services for your event sends you unsolicited bulk commercial (spam) e-mail and you believe that they gained access to your e-mail address through our Event Manager software, please send an e-mail to rudy@osteopathic-dj.com.

If you have not logged into Event Manager and activated your event, we will not share your contact information (including your e-mail address, postal mail address, and phone number) with other users directly involved in your event (caterers, photographers, etc.) who may already be using Event Manager. However, in order to make your event a success we may share other event information with these users (including but not limited to the event name, event date, event venue).

Osteopathic Entertainment may decide to offer e-mail updates in the form of newsletters. If we do this, you will have the option of not receiving these newsletters. However, we will still contact you for information directly related to the services we are contracted to provide for you at your event.

You have the option not to give personal information to us. However, if you do this you may not be able to access certain areas of our website. If you choose not to participate in these areas you do not have to provide any personal information to us.

How Do I Correct My Information?

Osteopathic Entertainment does not currently offer a method to change a requested song once submitted. If you have made a request in error, please contact the event host or e-mail Osteopathic Entertainment at requests@osteopathic-dj.com.

Osteopathic Entertainment does not allow certain information to be updated by the client for our Event Manager program. If we have made an error in entering your name, event date, start or end times, or event venue please send an e-mail to rudy@osteopathic-dj.com. If this information is incorrect on a contract we will need to send a new contract to you.

In order to correct any other information in Event Manager, please follow the instructions we have placed online or send an e-mail to rudy@osteopathic-dj.com.

How Do I Delete My Information?

If Osteopathic Entertainment offers an electronic newsletter, users will find information to unsubscribe in each newsletter. At the current moment, there is no way to delete a client, venue, or event online. If you would like us to delete this information please send an e-mail to rudy@osteopathic-dj.com.
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