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About Osteopathic Entertainment -- The Training Begins

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  An Osteopathic Journey... Part II

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The Training Begins
"Electric Boogie" plays in the background

Right... two... three... clap... Left... two... three... clap... Sorry, I forgot I was telling a story.

We left off with our Osteopathic Disc Jockey starting a company without any idea how to get into the business. As it turned out, fate was on our entertainer's side since he attended a party where a large local company was performing. They happened to be hiring new disc jockeys, so DJ "Dr." Rudy goes for it and becomes their first and only Osteopathic Disc Jockey. At this point he has started to build his dream sound system. Denon comes out with a new flagship to replace their DN-2500F dual CD player that had a chokehold on the high end market for DJ CD players, so Osteopathic Entertainment anxiously awaits its arrival to our local Sam Ash Music Stores.

Now it is time to build the music library. Starting with over 300 CDs was not too shabby, but there were some major holes in the library that needed to be filled. Enter the Professional Disc Jockey music suppliers, The Source for Music and Rotations. With a vast array of Promo Only discs, the Chartbusters Series, and some compilations covering the big band through the late 90's, Osteopathic Entertainment starts to really take some shape as an evolving company capable of providing high quality services.

The Next Chapter: Heartbreak Hotel
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