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About Osteopathic Entertainment -- In The Beginning

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  An Osteopathic Journey...

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In the Beginning
Billy Joel's "Two Thousand Years" plays in the background

Osteopathic Entertainment officially started out as a professional mobile disc jockey company, registered in the County of Camden, New Jersey, in December of 1999. However, it had roots that went much further back. DJ "Dr." Rudy, in his "wild" middle school days, was a part of the very short-lived "Four Amigos Party Company" of Washington Boro, New Jersey. It was a good idea but putting four teenagers who loved music in charge of running a business wound up not being the brightest thing DJ "Dr." Rudy ever did. The Four Amigos had a great time, but using consumer grade equipment did not get them very far. On the other hand, there was nothing else that middle school students could afford. This experience did, however, ignite a spark in the soul of our Osteopathic Disc Jockey.

We now jump closer to the present time. DJ "Dr." Rudy, or more correctly Student Doctor Rudy, with a music collection somewhere around 350 compact discs, was asked to help out the Xiphoid Chapter (that little bit of cartilage in the middle where your chest meets your abdomen) of the Lambda Omicron Gamma Medical Society. The event was the annual Halloween Party (rescheduled, of course, around medical school exams to fall on November 1). With the help of DJ Mike D., another medical student, the first event with music by Osteopathic entertainers went better than expected considering the equipment that was used.

At this point we come to a major fork in the road four our Osteopathic entertainers. Learning from his mistakes, DJ "Dr." Rudy decided that if he wanted to continue making people dance he needed some professional equipment. Osteopathic Entertainment was born, but DJ "Dr." Mike sadly did not continue in this venture . . .

The Next Chapter: Our Jedi, sorry, Osteopathic Disc Jockey enters training
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